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Yoga, Mindfulness, Meditation

With Nazanin 


Located in Mount Albert, Ontario

I only offer Private

Mindfulness is a way of living unique to every individual. It uses meditation as a tool to cultivate awareness and lightens up lovingkindness in the hidden layers of our mind. 


Mindfulness and meditation sessions are your counsellors without making you open up yourself to an outsider.

I use my psychology knowledge to help you find a balancing way that heals.


I offer private, group, corporate, and online mindful classes.


Please contact for more details.



The yoga and Pilates classes are strengthening, relaxing, and healing.


The sequences are creative and designed to work out for any body type with proper modifications and individual adjustments.


I offer my services in private, group, and corporate settings. 

The private classes could be held in the comfort of your home/office, or in my studio.


Hatha yoga is held in a group and private whereas the other types are offered privately.



Paisley Yoga Helps You With

Stress Management, Anxiety Relief, Breathing Improvement, Deep Relaxation, Sleeping Disorder, Self-Growth, Self Confidence, Post-Trauma Treatment, Post-Injury Rehab, Healthy Aging,  Postural Improvement, Flexibility, Strength, Endurance, Healthy Pregnancy, and more.


"Learn how to meet yourself and shine through who you are"


My name is Nazanin, the founder, and instructor. I offer yoga classes as well as Meditation, Mindfulness, and Pilates sessions in Mount Albert Newmarket Ontario.

Paisley Yoga is a story of failure, battle, triumph; an exploration of the power of our body and mind. A journey from being a victim, to a survivor, to the unification of eight limbs to become an advocate. If you see any trace of your journey in mine you are in the right place. Join me to take the adventure together. Click below if you want to know more about me...


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