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Paisley Studio

Paisley Yoga was founded by Nazanin Khani in 2014, and the studio opened its doors to the public in fall 2016. Paisley offers a wide range of mind-body practices, including mindful yoga, mindfulness, and meditation on several forms like private sessions, group sessions, online, and corporate settings. The instructor, Nazanin, is an advanced registered yoga teacher with Yoga Alliance (E-RYT500 & YACEP) and a certified therapeutic yoga specialist (TYS) both with ETWY in Canada and yoga schools in India. She also is a certified mindfulness teacher by Greater Good Science at UC Berkeley.


Paisley Yoga is located in Mount Albert, Ontario, Canada, which is about 15 minutes drive from Newmarket, Ontario, and 20 Minutes drive from Aurora, Ontario - Lake Simco, Ontario - Georgina Ontario - Keswick, Ontario.

My Story

My name is Nazanin. I've always been an explorer searching for something I love to do not just having a job. I've graduated in business and fine art but none of those satisfied my compassionate soul so I kept searching. I have been practicing yoga since 1998 on a regular basis. My yoga practice got under different light after I was diagnosed with a hard to cure disease in 2010. I found myself deeply immersed in yoga seeking the peace of mind and strength (inside and out) what I needed the most to beat the illness. When I realized how yoga and meditation assisted me to cope with the treatment and the physical, mental, and emotional side effects, I decided to learn more in depth about them and their therapeutic properties.

I took yoga teacher training courses in fall 2013 in Toronto and started running a lot of research about yoga and the human body while I didn't intend to be a yoga teacher back then. At the same time, I started learning secular mindfulness and meditation from some Buddhist monks. And then took an MBSR (Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction) online course with one of Jon Kabat-Zinn's former students. Then I met my mindfulness teachers, Jack Kornfield and Tara Brach, and got to know them by following them online and reading their books and then registered in their two-years program to be a mindfulness teacher.  I was so amazed by the mindfulness wide array of application in daily life that I also took some psychology courses at York University to combine my mindfulness knowledge with a scientific explanation. I learned a lot about human being behaviour and how strong and complicated and strong we are.

Finding lots of common elements in my cultural background with yoga and mindfulness practice formed stronger bonds within. Getting unbelievable results in combination with my love for helping others, made me be willing to share my knowledge and experiences with others through teaching. That was the birthplace of Paisley Yoga. Then I dove deeper in the mind-body field and got a scholarship for a 2-year program of mindfulness teacher training in 2019, by the end of which I will be a certified mindfulness teacher by GGS at UC Berkeley.

A mind that knows

Mindfulness is a magical world in which mind, body, and breath incorporate to cultivate awareness of the deepest and highest levels of human mental state such as wisdom, compassion, lovingkindness, and constant self-growth. That led me to persuade a psychology degree to learn the science behind the whole idea. The combination of soul and science keeps opening unbelievable doors to my understanding of how our mind works and how we can live in an enlighted world 24/7.

I am a keen learner and take my practice and learning seriously; I breathe into it 24/7. I take every opportunity to learn more insightfully about the practice and beyond.

I keep working my way towards higher levels of knowledge and skills in the field of the human mind and body. I never stop being a student.

There are four key elements that influence the different layers of my practice:

  • People are building blocks to my learning and inspiration. I learn a lot from people around me. Every single person I work with is a great teacher to me and I learn a lot from their generosity, their kindness, their beautiful souls, their acceptance, their strength and resistance, their forgiveness, their sense of humour... the way they are

  • My roots running deeply into one of the most spiritual cultures in the world nurtured by its ancient wisdom

  • My passion for learning which leads me to keep researching about traditional Indian yoga and Buddhist meditation and the contemporary touch of scientific intelligence applied to them in a western ground

  • My artistic and creative approach to almost everything in my life


All of those have made a fine, creative, and passionate teacher out of me. An instructor who obsessively cares for every element of her practice and carries them to her students based on the appreciation of their realities and with the all passion and love of the world.













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