YOGA Teachers

Hatha yoga is a form of yoga practice that improves your strength, flexibility, breathing skills, focus, mindfulness, energy level, and work your brain functioning through aligning all of those components. Depending on the teacher's approach, Hatha is known to have a powerful all-way therapeutic quality when you practice it as a routine regime within your weekly schedule. It focuses on pause and hold of the postures and integrates them with gentle Pranayama (breathing) practice and body awareness.

Hatha Yoga classes at Paisley consist of two levels of flexibility and strength: Gentle Hatha and Beginner/Intermediate Hatha.

  • Gentle Hatha offers basic and simple movements accompanied with breathing practice and is ideal for people who need very gentle mind-body practice to treat their body with strength, resilience, sense of balance, and to keep it pain-free.

  •   Beginner/Intermediate Hatha gets the body into deeper level of flexibility and builds strength. In each class, we hold a wide range of postures from basic to more challenging ones for a longer time. It's good for all levels specially for people who seek for improving flexibility and strength.

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