Pain Releasing YOGA

Using yoga as a therapeutic tool has been proved and is popular. Healing yoga is a complete mind-body solution that works both ways. 

Healing Yoga assists with:

  • Chronic pains - Back pain, shoulder issues, neck problems, knee pain, herniated disc, sciatica.

  • Postural issues - Scoliosis, crouching, hip tilting, etc.

  • Arthritis - Anywhere in the body

  • Rehabilitation - Injury from accident, athletic injury, post-surgery, regular injuries

  • Repair of connecting tissues

  • Behavioural, emotional, and mental issues - Anxiety, stress management, depression, addictive behaviour, anger management, grief, breakups, lack of focus, etc



Yoga has shown a powerful therapeutic effect on a self-healing process. It stimulates the natural and holistic healing power of the body making it heal itself without any other mediator. It also utilizes mindfulness and meditation to repair the brain tissues which improve cognitive issues and helps with mental disorder improvement.

Like all good natural things, the results of therapeutic yoga evolve over time and will stay longer so patience and continuity are the keys to therapeutic yoga.


At Paisley, I offer yoga for pain release in both private and group sessions. The good news is that if you have private insurance you may ask your physician to prescribe "Yoga" like they prescribe massage therapy or chiropractic, or physiotherapy for you then your insurance will pay for it.



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