VINYASA Collection

Vinyasa Yoga is a flowing dynamic yoga practice that focuses on awareness and alignment through synchronization of movement with breath. Vinyasa classes feature different elements of traditional Ashtanga yoga including Sun Salutations, standing postures, core work, dynamic stretching, and Pranayama (breathing practice).

Paisley's Vinyasa classes are designed to build strength and balance, assist with weight loss, maintain cardiovascular practice, and increase vitality.

Vinyasa Yoga classes at Paisley are offered at two levels: Vinyasa Flow and Power Vinyasa. Vinyasa Flow is the best fit for newbies to Vinyasa or the ones who are not interested in an intensive combination of movement and speed.
Power Vinyasa demands more strength, flexibility, and resistance while maintains a high intensity of movement and muscular work as well as cardio all together. Power Vinyasa is recommended for Intermediate to advance Vinyasa practitioners.

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